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What is a car locksmith?

An individual whose main line of work is working with cars locks, car keys And cars electronic components like ecu and immobilizer. Car locksmiths are able to create new car keys when you’re lost and they don’t need to have a key to copy it from.  a car locksmith can fix jammed ignition barrels, ignition switches and ignition steering locks or as they are called steering lock assembly.  

As every car locksmith knows cats are very different from one another. Each car manufacturer has its own key style and most of the time the key style gets changed every few years so for example Toyota will have over 20 different key styles.  Most car manufacturers have been using smart keys since 2010. Those keys are fob keys with an emergency key blade where you only have to push a button in order to start your car. Your remote can stay in your pocket or wallet. Using RF signals the car can detect even when you approach it and on some models will unlock automatically.    

The major disadvantage when having a smart key fob is that you don’t really use it. It stays in your pocket or purse ALL the time and you just forget about it and it gets lost. 

Steering lock jamming 

On all cars after 1990 you can find a steering Lock assembly. The purpose of this lock is to lock the steering wheel when there isn’t a key inside the ignition barrel and by doing so it will make it impossible to drive the car. Someone got access to the switch and was able to start the car. Basically they won’t be able to steer the car if they are able to run it. 

A specialist should be able to work on steering lock issues and repair or replace broken parts. What of the major issue you might have when your steering loci is defective is when your key will not fully turn in the ignition. Most of the time you will think it’s an issue with the ignition cylinder but an expert locksmith can diagnose the issue and point to the faulty part. This issue of key not turning fully in the ignition barrel is very common on Volkswagen cars including Golf, Tiguan, caddy, polo, Jetta, transporter, eos and Passat. 

When you’re locked out of your car a cat locksmith is the one to call. Especially if you own a car that has a more complex security system like Volkswagon, some Holden models, Bmw, Range Rover, Porsche and more. On this type of vehicle, a mobile locksmith has to use specific equipment in order to gain entry to the car or the boot.  car locksmiths are highly trained and experienced to be able to solve the most difficult issues arising from dealing with locked cars as car owners do not wish to have the car damaged in the unlocked process. One of the commonly used methods will be lock picking using a car model specific tool called lishi, easy reader, or turbo decoder. By using this tool a car locksmith can find out the pattern of your key and unlock your vehicle fairly quickly. 

Our suggestion:

When calling a locksmith make sure you provide them with your car year make and model so they will know what they are dealing with. Most car locksmiths are mobile so they will drive to your car’s location. You won’t have to worry about towing your car unless the problem with your car is actually a mechanical problem when you’ll need to see an auto mechanic. With the proper diagnostic tools, a service provider should be able to help you or at least guide you in the right direction in order to get your car fixed. 


is a car locksmith also a car electrician?

no not necessarily but some car locksmith are also car Electricians.

Does a car locksmith unlock any car?

yes they are but I’m some cases where a lock is faulty they might have to remove the car door lock.

can a car locksmith install a push button system on any car

not every car locksmith can do such work. You’ll have more luck with a car locksmith who’s also a car electrician.

can a cam locksmith install an alarm system on a car?

not every one can do such work. You’ll have more luck with a car locksmith who’s also a car electrician.

Can a car locksmith fix any car key problem issue?

Yes. But some jobs might require ordering parts that might take a day to a couple weeks.

car locksmith

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