Automotive locksmith

Need an emergency locksmith in Melbourne? Stop wasting time.

IF you are looking for an automotive locksmith in Melbourne there is a big chance you’ve lost your car keys or you are in need of  an ignition barrel repair. 

We at car keys Experts are Auto locksmiths by trade, we have been gone through excessive training so we can solve all your automotive locksmith needs. You can rest assure that we will take care of your car like it’s our own. From replacing lost car keys to replacing jammed Ignitions we can cover them all. With car keys experts you’ll be out of a jam in no time. 

There is no need to stress our auto locksmiths are mobile and will come to you quickly so there is no need to organize an expensive tow. With us there is no need to wait in line, we will come to your location, unlock your car if needed and create a key replacement for most cars in under 25 minutes. 

Our Automotive locksmith services includes:

  • Car key replacement when yours are lost
    • Our team of experts are spread across Melbourne metro to provide you with the best response time for when you car keys are lost or stolen with the latest updates and programming equipment we can make replacement car key for most cars including Toyota, Holden, Mazda, Nissan, Honda, Bmw, Audi, Mercedes, Mitsubishi and more.
  • Car key copy 
    • We create flip remote keys
    • We will make your ordinary car key into a fence flip key with 120 days warranty!
  • Truck keys
    • We work on box trucks, tippers, utility trucks and 18 wheelers. We are able to replace keys and ignitions and program new keys including Isuzu, Iveco, Delf, MAC, Volvo and more 
  • Car unlocks 
    • We can unlock all cars including the ones who run out of battery or the ones the keys stopped working. With specialty tools that will not damage your car so you can be back on the road in no time. 
  • Motorcycle keys 
    • Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Ducati, Suzuki and more 
  • Immobilizer reset/ECU repair 
    • Syncing car electronic computers
    • No start diagnostics 
    • Cluster repair
    • Sometimes out of the blue your keys will not start your car and that is something to do most likely with immobilizer or ECU issue, it might have a software failure or hardware problem. We are able to connect to the car and find out the problem and reset or replace the immobilizer.
  • Broken car keys are extraction
    • Car keys tend to lose their thickness and after a while they will get warm and at some point they will break unless you get them replaced in time. Often they will break in the door or in the ignition. With specialty extraction tools we are able to remove those broken keys from the barrels and create a new one one site. 


  • Ignition barrel repair
    • Fix ignition when key not turning
    • Ignition barrels are one of the more important parts in the car. If your ignition barrel isn’t turning you can’t drive your car. The ignition barrel is linked with a few different parts on the steering column including the steering lock and ignition switch. Our team at car keys experts work on all the parts of the ignition barrel system and are able to repair or replace any part of those at any given times. We carry new parts and provide same day service. Most common repair jobs are on the following cars:
      • Holden Commodore jammed ignition
      • Honda Accord jammed ignition keys won’t turn
      • Honda Civic jammed ignition keys won’t turn
      • Honda Mdx jammed ignition keys won’t turn
      • Honda Odyssey jammed ignition keys won’t turn
      • Volkswagon Golf jammed ignition keys won’t turn
      • Volkswagen Jetta jammed ignition keys won’t turn
      • Volkswagen Tiguan jammed ignition keys won’t turn
      • Volkswagen Caddy jammed ignition keys won’t turn
      • Audi A3 jammed ignition key won’t start
      • Audi TT jammed ignition keys won’t start
      • Audi A4 jammed ignition keys won’t start
      • Toyota Camry jammed ignition keys won’t turn
      • Toyota Corolla jammed ignition keys won’t turn
      • Toyota Land Cruiser jammed ignition keys won’t turn
      • Nissan Dualis Key stuck in the ignition won’t come out
  • Car Door lock and boot lock change
    • We work on all type of locks on your car. We are able to repair or replace your broken locks. We are able to jammed car doors that won’t open and are able to replace different components of the car locking system
  • We can program smart and push start keys
    • A lot of the new cars nowadays have a keyless system where you don’t have to pull your key remote out of your pocket. A proximity system will recognize when the keys are close to the car. It will unlock itself and you just need to push a button to start the car. You can see that on European models like Bmw and Mercedes but other manufacturers like Mazda, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru, Toyota are implementing this on their cars. We carry smart keys for most vehicle and are able to program on site.

Our automotive locksmith team specializes in ALL car unlocks including luxury models. With an extremely fast response and highly competitive prices why would you consider choosing another auto locksmith company. 

the automotive locksmith industry can be divided into 3 different sections. Car unlocking which is the basic part of automotive locksmith. Car key replacement is much more technical and electronic computer module repair or replace and synchronization which is the hardest part of automotive locksmith and only a few companies are able to help with. 

We at Car Key Experts are able to assist with all three aspects of automotive locksmith and can get the job done and your car running without a hassle. If you need an auto locksmith, call us now and consider it done. 


My car key is turning left and right in my car door lock but the car isn’t unlocking can you help with that?

Of course we can. Most likely this is due to a faulty lock or locking mechanism. We can come quickly to your location. We will have to unlock your car using our professional tools and then we can take apart the lock and diagnose and repair the problem

The light on my car fob remote is working but my remote doesn’t unlock my car?

There are a few different reason for that to happen. Either the remote lost sync with the car due to remote circuit malfunction, another reason could be that your car battery is too low or might be that your remote got damaged.

I have a Volkswagon Golf and my car is running. can’t turn it off. Can you help

We can most definitely can. The one thing you don’t want to do is remove the battery. It won’t do any good and your car will stay running. The best way to go about this is to ring us at car keys experts and one of our staff members will be at your location within 15-25 minutes and they will solve your problem on site

Do you charge more for replacing car keys on the weekends or after hours?

No we don’t we have same day pricing on all our automotive locksmith services

Other service we provide:

Car key replacement