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Emergency auto locksmith

Emergency locksmith is one of the most important trades and locksmith itself as an occupation can be backdated to 704 BC when professionals started making wooden keys to secure their belongings. 

As an emergency locksmith one of the most important factors is the response time as like any emergency the site must be attended as fast as possible. Locksmith emergencies can be divided into a few different sectors like auto emergency locksmith, residential emergency locksmith and commercial that is very similar to residential. As for auto emergency locksmiths. There are many reason why you might need an automotive emergency locksmith as follows:

Emergency Car unlocks

This can happen to anyone and most people are getting locked out of their vehicle at least once every 2 years. It can be very frustrating and you’ll do it unknowingly and in most cases you will lock the car and then shut the boot with your keys inside. It can also be a malfunction on your car electronics, car door lock or your actual keys that will prevent you from getting into your car. 

What can you do if you’re locked out of your car? 

First, don’t panic. There is an easy way to fix it. We at car key experts are on call and spread out throughout the Melbourne metro so we can provide you with the best available response when your car keys were left inside the car or even if they just stopped working. 

Our mobile locksmiths are available 24 hours to help with all your car locksmith requests.

Second, if you had an emergency locksmith locksmith on site and he couldn’t unlock your car it doesn’t mean that your car can’t be open. Just give us a call and we will confirm that we can open any type of car. 

Emergency car key replacement 

Lost car keys are one of those things people wish wouldn’t happen to them. Most likely you will figure out that your car keys are lost when you need to use your car. Car keys car be very different from one another, fob keys, flip keys, smart keys and some can get very expensive to replace. As modern technology develops car keys are getting smaller and “smarter” for most newer cars you don’t need to get the key out of your pocket and some are charging themself while your car is on. 

Emergency car key experts 

We know that when you need a car key replacement you need it right away. There is no need to risk damaging your car by organizing a tow, most rising companies won’t tow your car without keys if the can’t get the steering wheel to unlock.  We at car key experts come to you within minutes and cut and program a key on the spot.

Our experts are able to assist with any type of emergency car key replacement even if your key got stolen and you’d like to get a new set of keys and erase the old one from the car memory.  

We are able to change car door locks so stolen keys will be useless when trying to unlock the car.

considering an emergency car key replacement locksmith company? 

Car key experts are:
Quick response to all your auto locksmith needs .
Our company have parts available for most year make and models if you have a broken car door lock,Ignition barrel or computer.
We carry all the equipment necessary to get you back on the road right away.
We will travel to your location even if you are out of our work area
When working on your car will will treat it as our own.
24 hour response to all your emergency car key replacement needs be it’s you are in good hands 


When your car lets you down car keys experts are there 24 hours a day. Our experts’ locksmiths are mobile and will come to you quickly if it is just for a simple car unlock or a complicated car key replacement.  If I need a car locksmith in Melbourne we have the answer. Now serving mornington as well. Call us now.


I have my car key but it won’t unlock my car with a remote or manually but by turning it inside the door. What can be the issue?

This is most likely due to the discharged battery in your car. We are able to help by unlocking your car and charging the battery!

My keys got stolen last night. I still have one key. Can you change the code so the thief can’t steal my car?

We definitely car. Depending on the name and model we are able to come out and clear the old keys out of the car memory and program new keys.

I left my keys in my car. Will my car get damaged in the process of unlocking?

No, Our mobile locksmith will unlock your car – damage free

How far do you travel out of Melbourne for a car key replacement job?

Our mobile car locksmith will go up to 70km radius from Melbourne metro

I have a classic car do you work on those. I need a car key replacement

it depends on the manufacturer but we do work on classic cars. Give us a call to find out if we work in yours.

My key won’t come out of my ignition. I have a Kia Rio. Can you help?

We sure can. Please give us a call out mobile car key replacement locksmith can come out to the car quickly and fix your ignition. Most likely it’s due to a worn ignition. Barrel but they have to take a look.

How do you unlock the car I’m a bit worried you’ll damage it, I have a Volkswagen golf

At most cases we use a lock picker that is made specifically for your type of vehicle you have. There will be no damage to the car.

I have a key and the remote is separate. Can you make a key that is a remote all in one?

We sure can. On most make and models we can cut and program a remote flip key to suit your vehicle.


Our Melbourne Emergency Locksmith Service is Here to Save the Day!

Whether you have accidentally locked your keys in Brighton or got them broken in Frankston, our Melbourne-based auto locksmith emergency service is available 24 hours, night and day, wherever you might be.

We are in the car key replacement business for quite some time now, so we know how common it is to accidentally lock your keys in the car or break them in the ignition barrel.
After all, our business would not be as profitable if we did not open locked car doors and replace ignition barrels once in a while!

We Don’t Waste Time Getting Things Done

Our mobile locksmith staff is available 24/7 and will come to your assistance and after a quick fix, a smile and laugh, you will be on your way again. Offering affordable prices and high expertise, you will be pleased with our fast response and fast service.

Better add our number to your contact list to save yourself the time of searching for a car key replacement service near your, as you now know us!
Contact us on 03 9021 2423 to your phone now to take the pain out of searching next time you’re in trouble.

Let us unlock your car key problems.

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