Car Key Replacement

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Car key replacement 

In a world where we depend on our cars all day every day it’s important to have a reliable auto locksmith company to help you in a time of need. Just like having a reliable auto mechanic to fix any mechanical issue.  

Our comprehensive automotive locksmith service in Melbourne is fast and efficient. Our mobile auto locksmith are professionally trained to be able to complete any car key replacement or ignition repair they are assigned with. All of our vans and utes are fitted with all the latest equipment, cutting machine and necessary parts to be able to complete any automotive  locksmith job on site. Our car key replacement expert can head to your location right away call now at (03) 9021 2423

When considering an automotive locksmith to handle your car key replacement and ignition barrel repair it’s important you choose a company that is licensed and insured. Are have the right qualifications to be able to work on you car with a piece of mind. 

Our automotive locksmith services include:

  • Car key replacement 
  • Ignition barrel repair or replace 
  • Door lock change 
  • Boot unlock 
  • Car door unlock 
  • Ecu and immobilizer replacement
  • Eeprom and soldering mcu
  • Broken key extraction from car ignition or door 
  • Immobilizer programming 
  • Fob key replacement 
  • Flip key conversion 
  • Spare keys 
  • Smart car key replacement 
  • Push button car keys replacement 

When your car keys get lost or stolen that can be a very stressful situation that’s why with car keys experts you’ll be in good hands. Our mobile car locksmiths are quick and efficient. With no hidden fees we will come to the location of your car and replace you lost or stolen keys within minutes. 

Car key replacement used to be a good, very quick and simple procedure when the car didn’t have a complicated security system that made car keys much easier to replace. Back in the days you didn’t have to call an auto locksmith to cone to you. You could just go to him with the car VIN (vehicle identification number) and they would cut a cut for you at their shop and that key will start your car with no problem. With cars nowadays almost every car that was made after 1996 will have an immobilizer system that will prevent any unmatched key to start the car. 

Our car key replacement service includes the following make and model:

  • Audi 
  • Alfa Romeo 
  • Bentley  
  • Bmw  
  • Chevrolet   
  • Chrysler  
  • Citroen 
  • Daewoo 
  • Daihatsu 
  • Dodge 
  • Fiat 
  • Ford 
  • Holden 
  • Honda 
  • Hummer 
  • Hyundai  
  • Infiniti 
  • Isuzu
  • Jaguar 
  • Keep 
  • Kia 
  • Land Rover 
  • Lexus   
  • Mazda  
  • Mercedes 
  • Mini  
  • Mitsubishi  
  • Nissan 
  • Opel 
  • Peugeot 
  • Porche
  • Proton
  • Renault 
  • Saab
  • Skoda 
  • Smart
  • Suzuki
  • Toyota 
  • Volkswagon 
  • Volvo 

When in need of a fast car key replacement locksmith we at Car Keys Experts will be available 24 hours 7 days a week. Our repossessed time of the best and Melbourne and our prices Are highly competitive so you don’t have to worry about calling other companies or even tow your car to the dealership – we will come to you at the fracture of the price. Call us now at (03) 9021 2423


How much do you charge to replace lost car keys?

Our price very depending on the make and model but our fees for replacement car keys are from $175

I’ve lost one of my push button start keys can you create another and make sure my lost key doesn’t work anymore?

We certainly can. We can come out to your vehicle, program a new key for you and delete any old unwanted keys from the car memory so it won’t work on your car any longer.

Do you have any warranty on your car key replacement?

We sure do. We have 120 days warranty on m faulty keys, we will come back and fix it at no charge.

Do you change car key batteries?

We do that as well. We use only high quality batterie for your piece of mind.

I have a car key and a separate fob. Can you combine them into one?

We definitely can. It is posible do that on almost all make and model. We can replace you with a remote key with what is called a flip key for an affordable price.

My car is unlocked but my key is in the boot. Can you help with that?

We sure can. Our team of specialists at car key experts can come out to your car and unlock the boot lock or replace your car keys and unlock the boot in the way.

I have a broken car remote can you fix it?

We might be able to fix your car remote or we can replace it with a new one. It depends on the year, make and model number of your vehicle.

We Replace Car Keys of All Types and Dealers

Replacing lost or damaged car keys is inconvenient and can be expensive. Not with Car Key Experts. Our mission has always been around Although most of our calls require car key replacements for Toyota, Holden, Nissan, and Honda cars, we can replace any type of car keys for any car.
Throughout the years we have developed an on-the-spot-solutions system that enables us to swiftly create car key replacement with maximum efficiency and minimum, thus saving you a lot of time until you can drive again.

Coded Locks, Transponder & Keys Fob… We Know Them All

At Car Keys Experts have state-of-the-art electronic car key cutting technology that enables us to program and cut an endless variety of car keys, including remotes, transponder keys, and replacement fobs. We also fix push-button ignition systems for mid-range and luxury cars.

Other service we provide:

Car key replacement